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Pebble Interior – Champagne

Pool interiors play a large part in the overall appearance of an in-ground pool.

Champagne PebbleOne of the main attractions of a pebble pool is the natural feel. Pebble also creates a unique visual effect. Different-coloured stones combined in varying patterns make for a range of different effects. A combination heavy on black stones may create a dark green effect once the pool is filled with water. However, before you choose a colour for your pool, we encourage you to consider the area surrounding it.

Pools that are located under an open sky can take full advantage of light reflections, to create a richer, ‘bluer’ tint to the pool water. While pools that are surrounded with tall trees and shrubs, produce darker shades due to shadows that are cast. Tile bands and the depth of the pool also influence the final colour of your pool.

The concrete that binds the pebbles may also come in a range of shades, from natural to vibrant whites, which help create a luminous water colour.