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Swimming Pool Water Features

Sunseeker Pools provide great swimming pool water features in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

How many swimming pool water features are around these days? The peaceful calmness that comes over you from watching and listening to the running water as it makes its way into your pool, it appeals to almost everyone. So why not consider putting one in to your existing or new pool.

Pool water features

Pool water features

Sunseeker Pools can easily incorporate a water feature into your existing pool or include one into your new pool style and design. Whatever design you decide on, we will make sure it’s exactly what you are after.


Since we have been trading, Sunseeker Pools have grown into one of the leading water feature specialists in South Eastern Queensland, with commercial and residential projects to our name. Our reputation for excellence, commitment and satisfaction for our clients is why you should look no further than Sunseeker pools.

For your next pool or swimming pool water features project, contact us today through our website or phone us on 0421 906 162.